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Callie North


Folk Herbalist. Songstress. Gardener. Witch. Magic Maker. Seeker. Life Enthusiast.  

Born and raised on Lopez Island, Callie spent her formative years living a nature-based lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest. Her love of the outdoors and relationship with sacred plant medicine led her to open Pachamama Apothecary in the spring of 2016. Shortly after the shop opened, Callie was blessed with the opportunity to spend 72 days living alone in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, Argentina. She fished, foraged and relied completely on the land for survival. Her journey can be viewed on Season 3 of ALONE, on the History Channel.

 Callie currently lives off grid in a small cabin in the mossy woods, gathering wild medicine, writing songs, and planning her next adventure. Follow her on --> Instagram.



Milla Prince


HedgeWitch. Environmentalist. Folk Herbalist. Writer. Tarot Reader. Teacher. Filmer Maker. Homesteader. Activist. 

Milla grew up in the wilds of Finland, just a few hundred miles South of the Arctic Circle. A small town girl, she spent much of her childhood in the woods, learning from a young age the ordinary magic of gathering wild foods and making your own fun. The challenge of transferring her plant knowledge to a new, and different bio-region, has been the inspiration for her current work in bringing together folk herbalism, Earth activism, ancestral knowledge and discovery, rewilding, mythology, and creating local resilience, and culture. Learning the patterns, meanings, and language of a new natural environment has connected her with amazing teachers, fellow herbalists, witches, and nature-lovers.

She makes medicine that is avaible at Pachamama and online here --> FIREWEED AND NETTLE  or find her on ---> Instagram



Anna Tanodra 


Massage Therapist. Energy Healer. Folk Herbalist. Tea Guru. Watercolorist.  

Raised in the lush foothills of the Olympic Mountains, Anna grew to know the depth and beauty of Nature's processes as potent teachers. She draws great inspiration from the healing intelligence of plant and mineral allies and their ability to offer support and nourishment for the benefit of wellbeing. Through her practice of massage, tea, and walking in the wild, Anna loves to witness the beautiful unfolding that occurs when one participates in the magic of life. A handleful of her herbal offerings are avaibable Pachamama.  Find her on --->  Instagram


Eleanor Burke 


Folk Herbalist. Writer. Gardener. Musician. Community Organizer. Mother. Sex and Relationship Mentor. Poet. 

Eleanor grew up playing in the pine woods in sultry South Carolina. Now, a decade into life on the West Coast, she calls yarrow, nettle, nootka rose, salal, cedar, and alder her allies. Her first herbal love will always be coastal wild yarrow. She credits pregnancy and birth with steering her towards herbal medicine, and Nan Koehler, Susun Weed and Aviva Romm's books were staples in her early mothering days. Somewhere along the way she birthed Wild Beloved, which began as a sex and love advice booth offering up herbal aphrodisiac tea and other potions to support sex and love alchemy! Her products are available at Pachamama and (on occasion) online here --> WILD BELOVED  or find her on --->  Instagram


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Demetria Provatas 


Baker. Artist. Photographer. Magic Keeper. Moon Caster. Chocolate Maker. Astrology Enthusiast. Witch.  

Demetria was raised on the outer banks of North Carolina. After roaming around the East Coast she has found her home out west. Her grandparents emigrated from Greece in the 1920’s and as a descendant of witches, herbalists, magic makers from both Greece & England she seeks to channel their magic into everything she does.

 Demetria wields her camera like a magic wand, dictates her life around the moon, and is constantly checking in with celestial order of things. She is also the creator behind Woodland Keep – a place where she aims to inspire others towards working with their hands, living creatively, and connecting with natural rhythms.  She also probably knows your zodiac sun sign… it’s undeniably creepy, but you’ll get used to it.

Follow her journey at Woodland Keep or find her on ---> Instagram